Due to its large fleet of vehicles equipped with mobile communication systems, infrastructure powered with advanced information technologies and qualified staff, ASL Logistics offers its customers complete and partial transport vehicles in accordance with the principle of quality service.
ASL Logistics;
realizes complete / partial shipments to the European continent according to the international road transport regime with self-owned fleet of vehicles all equipped with green and quiet engines at environmental protection standards and satellite tracking system.
ASL Logistics;
serves weekly on a regular basis to all European countries mainly including Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the UK, also France, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Nordic countries, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.
Also for scheduled export and import loading, it provides guaranteed delivery in 36-48 hours from/to all Europe thanks to the private minivans alternative to airlines.
Road Transportation Services;
  • Regular partial (LTL) / complete (FTL) transportation across Europe
  • Express transport
  • Hazardous materials transportation (ADR)
  • Oversize transport and transport project
  • Hanging garments transport
  • Collection from/delivery to the address
  • Cross transport service (from Europe to Europe)
  • Foreign customs clearance
  • Speedy service (Minivan)
  • Cross transport service (from Europe to Europe)
  • Transit transport services
  • Insurance services
  • Storage services